Thursday, August 9, 2012

Things They Don't Tell You When You Adopt a Dog

1) Dogs are FUNNY.
- not a day goes by that Orion doesn't totally crack us up by doing something goofy. Last night he wedged himself under our glass coffee table in an attempt to get his toys out.

2) You will have more dishes and laundry to do. Between his bed, blankets, toys, food and water bowls, the cleaning list is endless! Plus he has skin allergies, so I have to even use a special soap for his laundry! 

3) You will never want to leave him alone. This may just be my own neurosis, but as a stay-at-home wife, I don't leave the house daily and often when I do go out, I take him along. This unfortunately has led to Orion thinking that mama is his own personal playmate and he tries to block the door if I do try to leave without him. We are thinking of going on a vacation and it pains me to think I have to leave him at his Doggie DayCare overnight. *sidenote, if I'm this bad with a dog, how will I be with a BABY....oy!

4) If you buy them a squeaky toy, it will become their favorite toy and you will have to endure squeaking At 6am when you are trying to sleep, at 6pm when you are trying to watch tv. squeeeeeeeeeeeeak. 

He's a character, but I definitely can't imagine him not being here. He was definitely meant to be in our family! He even likes to cook:

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