Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Going Green for Pink & Blue - The Honest Company's Bug Spray and Dishwasher Gel

The hunt for pregnancy and baby-friendly products continues in the Newlywed Tales household! We've had a few misses with the lotion and the body oil and now it's time for some HITS! Enter the bug spray and the dishwasher gel (2 different products obviously!)

The Honest Company Bug spray is a definite keeper for me. The trick I learned is to READ THE LABEL and when it says shake before means it! I used it once without shaking it and it didn't work as well. The last few times I have used it, I have shaken it (like the bottle SAYS to!) and it's a whole different product. It isn't quite as hard core as the sprays with DEET, but I don't feel comfortable using that while TTC or pregnant so I had to find an alternative. I had tried the Off Botanicals previously and that stuff didn't work at all. The Honest Bug Spray was easy to apply and (finally!) has a smell that is lovely! I love hanging in our yard and we eat most of our meals in the summer outside so a natural bug spray that works was a must for me. I am THRILLED with this one and will definitely be buying it again.

Now on to the Dishwasher gel. MAJOR HIT. I'd read mixed reviews, and was hesitant to try this, but I am SO glad I did. It worked great on our dishes. They came out just as clean as with our regular detergent (Cascade) and with no residue on our glassware. I will 100% be buying this when we have a baby.

Next up: The Laundry Detergent

**The Honest Company has no idea who I am. I bought all these products myself in a true quest to find baby and pregnancy friendly products for myself and our home and wanted to share my thoughts with others.

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