Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Going Green for Pink & Blue - The Honest Company Body Oil Review

After a miss with the body lotion, I had high hopes that The Honest Company's body oil would be a hit.  First up, a little goes a LONG way with this. a few drops at a time is truly all you need to start with. The feel is amazing. It absorbs immediately and doesn't leave you feeling or looking oily or greasy. As for the smell....it's reminiscent of baked goods, like sticking your nose in a cake just out of the oven. LOL A step up from the old lady smell of the lotion, but I probably won't use this on myself too much. I can see it being fabulous for baby massage though. I would probably buy this again once I have a baby to use on them.

For those keeping tabs:

The Honest Company Lotion: Hit with feel and absorbency, big MISS with smell

The Honest Company Body Oil: Hit with feel and absorbency, Miss with smell for adults, potential hit with babies

Next up: the Bug Spray!

**The Honest Company has no idea who I am. I bought all these products myself in a true quest to find baby and pregnancy friendly products for myself and our home and wanted to share my thoughts with others.

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