Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A non-Recipe Recipe

NJhusband had plans to hang out with some friends after work on Monday and wasn't going to be home for dinner. Usually if he isn't home I will make thai peanut noodles or cashew chicken or some other nut-based dinner for myself, since he has food allergies and has to stay away from nuts. Unfortunately, I didn't have all the ingredients on hand to make my usual fare, so I had to get creative. I had a few tomatoes from the garden to use up, some lettuce that needed to be eaten and some leftover turkey bacon...I paged through my recipe book and came across a BLT pasta salad recipe and fell in LOVE. Throw some tomatoes, lettuce, turkey bacon and cooked/rinsed pasta in a bowl and add some ranch dressing (Hidden Valley Organic is mine of choice). It was SO SO good. NJhusband came home later and had some and immediately requested I make it again the next night for dinner. He usually hates cold pasta salads so it was a ringing endorsement that he liked this one.

I love it when leftovers come together to make a really great new meal!

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