Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Little Less Faith

NJhusband is a "car guy". He loves his car, takes care of it and even has a name for it. When I moved from NYC to New Jersey to live with him, I needed to buy a car and I ended up with a Volkswagen Tiguan. 

NJhusband's car love rubbed off on me and I came to be a "car girl" myself. Giving her a name, taking care of her and keeping her clean. We don't have parking or a garage by our house, so we rent a space in a small, gated parking lot around the corner. The gate is always locked and nobody can get in who doesn't have the key so it was a complete and total SHOCK when I went outside this morning and saw that someone had damaged the entire driver's side of my car with a huge dent and scrape. There is no way someone could have done this damage and not noticed. TOTAL hit and run. 

Yes I'm glad I wasn't in the car and nobody was hurt, but I am still upset that my perfect car has been damaged and that I'll have to fork over my deductible to get it fixed. I'm mostly upset that people do this and don't hold themselves accountable. I have a little less faith in humanity today.  


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  1. That. SUCKS.

    We bought our other van brand new and on the 4th day of owning it, somebody tried to pry the door open and broke the lock. Which we never fixed in the 10 years we owned it. ..