Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How the Dog Broke My Finger

Orion is a rescue from the South and moving to an extremely urban area has been a bit of an adjustment for him. Buses totally freak him out and he has a particular fear of mailmen for some reason. We have taken him to obedience school and he is much better, but still a work in progress, especially with on-leash walking.

Yesterday morning I decided to take him for a walk. We got maybe 20 feet from the house and the city bus stopped at the corner and released the air pressure in the tires at the exact moment the mailman turned the corner coming towards him. The combination of the two was too much for Orion and he completely FREAKED OUT and took off towards home, tangling my hand in his leash. He pulled to the side and my pinky finger went along with him, while the rest of my body and hand stayed still.


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