Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Going Green for Pink and Blue - The Honest Company Lotion

As I mentioned last week, NJhusband and I are in the very beginning stages of TTC and I'm on the hunt for beauty and home products that will be safe for us, baby and our dog! I decided to try out The Honest Company's line and see what I thought.  I bought the body lotion, bug spray, laundry detergent, body oil and dishwasher gel to try out. First up on my list is the Face & Body lotion. 

The feel of the lotion is great and it absorbs into the skin fabulously. Almost instantly my skin felt hydrated and it was such a great feeling. Unfortunately, the *smell is a MAJOR deterrent for me. It's much too flowery for my taste. My husband came home and said it "smelt like a grandma". I wanted to love it, since finding a body and face lotion that is natural and free of the common chemicals is high on my priority list, but I probably won't buy this again. I just can't get over the smell. If you are looking for a baby-friendly lotion I would get a sample of this before you buy a bottle first to see if you like the fragrance. I will also say that I probably wouldn't use this on a boy, it has a distinct "girly" smell for sure. I have my fingers crossed they come up with another great face/body lotion that has a different fragrance SOON!

*For the record, the bottle says it's fragrance free, but it definitely has a strong smell. I assume they just mean it has no added synthetic fragrance, but I feel like that could be a bit misleading. 

Next up: the body oil

The Honest Company has no idea who I am. I bought all these products myself in a true quest to find baby and pregnancy friendly products for our home and wanted to share my thoughts with others. 

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  1. I got so excited because I am always on the hunt for a natural face lotion but I totally know what you mean by the "old lady" flower smell. I have been using the daily face cream from the Simple line at Target. It's a British label that Target picked up here in the US and it's incredible popular and I love it. I use the daily cream for the SPF, which you can slightly smell in the lotion--the titanium dioxide is that sunscreen smell--but, especially when you are pregnant, the SPF will protect your skin from getting that pregnancy mask. I used to work at Bare Escentuals and I can't tell you how many moms came in to have their masks covered up and sometimes, I couldn't do it. My friend loves the night cream but not the daily cream so that's another option. They also have a face cleanser I want to try but it's been sold out when I've gone to buy it. LOL. That was really long. Whew! Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by my blog again! I'm signing with my Blogspot account, but it's Erin from E.org. :)