Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Date Night

NJhusband and I have TOTALLY let date nights slide since being married 8 months ago. We do make a point to sit down to dinner together every night, but we definitely fall into the post dinner "he sits on the couch with his iPad and I'm in our home office reading or watching TV" trap.

Last night while folding laundry on the couch I had a thought. On our first date, NJhusband had mentioned that he like playing the game Jenga, but that he had lent his out and never gotten it back. One trip to Target later and at 10pm we were sitting at our kitchen table begging Orion not to touch the table with his nose while the game was going on! We had a blast playing and it was the perfect at home date night for us!

I definitely see more Jenga date nights in store for us! If only we can keep that puppy tail from hitting the table while we play....

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