Monday, April 30, 2012

Obedience.....or Not

Orion is enrolled in obedience school. So far it's been great, he has learned his name, sit and to come when called. We are still working on stay, walking on a leash and "leave it".

I wish obedience school also addressed the important issues like: how not to chew and pull all the stuffing out of my sofa pillows and not putting our paws up on the counter and stealing food.

Maybe next week. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Potato Day

Sometimes I wonder if I take frugality too far. Occasionally at my grocery store 10 pound bags of potatoes go on sale for $1.99 and I snatch them up and embark on a HUGE potato making session. I make multiple batches of this recipe from Cooking During Stolen Moments that has become a definite family staple and freezes beautifully. I also cut a bunch up, roast them and portion them into freezer bags with cut up breakfast sausages for breakfast skillets (just defrost, throw in a skillet and heat through and then add eggs for a 1 pan meal!). I cut them into steak fries and bake and sometimes even give in to  NJhusband's pleas and make him fresh potato chips. It's a marathon day, but I can get several dishes out of just one or two bags and it's definitely worth it while we are a 1 income family.

Now if only dog food could be bought for that cheap! I think if I do the math the dog costs more per serving than we do! LOL

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Addition!

I promised potatoes (and I'll get to them I promise!), but I've been busy with the newest member of the household and getting him adjusted.

Meet our lab mix rescue, Orion!

He needs a bit of training and is extremely skittish around people, but he's an absolute joy and we love him. He came from a North Carolina rescue so he's not quite used to being a city dog yet, but he loves the dog park, chewing on his toys and of course, good belly rubs. Our first day of obedience school is Saturday and I'm excited to teach him to sit. I've been trying for a week and he just runs away. Clearly I'm doing something wrong lol