Thursday, March 8, 2012

February Gone?

That flu I had a MONTH ago knocked me on my tushy. I'm just NOW starting to feel semi-normal again and eat real food. My poor husband. I think he nearly starved to death the past month.

On to more exciting news. We are in the midst of the doggie adoption process! It's multiple steps, but we seem to be inching closer each week to actually getting approved! Fingers crossed!

In name change news: I battled social security, the DMV, my doctor and 3 credit cards so far. Still have to do the bank, my car title and various misc. things (amazon, barnes and noble, etc. etc.).

In wedding news: I finally sent my dress to be cleaned/preserved. I had boxed it up and had it sitting in the bedroom, then moved it to the living room for awhile and then finally took it to UPS. I don't know why I had such a hard time dropping it off. I wore it, it was lovely, I'm never gonna wear it again.

Next up: I tell you what I did with 10 pounds of potatoes!

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