Saturday, December 10, 2011

Newlywed Bliss-less

I'm feeling a bit defeated these days due to my recent layoff and the NJhousehold financial picture gets less clear each day. With congress not yet extending the unemployment legislation, my severance being undetermined and not knowing what our new "married" status will do to our income tax refund this year, there is a lot up in the air these days and it's hard to map out our future.

When we were dating and even through our engagement, we had fun talking about our future, goals, discussed names for future kids and puppies. The future seemed fun and bright. Now that we are married, it feels like all the lights went out, the switch is broken, you can't find an electrician and when you try to fix it yourself you get shocked. Our fun dog/house/kids plan is out the window and replaced with.....budgeting, spreadsheets and attempting to sell as much stuff as we can while we wait for answers, Congress and the IRS.

I expected to return from our honeymoon tanned, blissful and ready to start browsing real estate ads and Life laughed in the face of that plan.

The cliches can only comfort me for so long. "everything happens for a reason". "when one door closes another one opens" "everything is going to be ok". "we will get through this together".

The practical part of me knows it's all true and is thankful not to be single, health insurance-less and well...screwed and part of me feels guilty now that things that happen to me now affect someone else.

Whoever wrote those traditional "sickness/health, richer/poorer" vows REALLY knew what they were doing.

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  1. It is so hard to start a marriage this way...believe me, I know. I have no advice other than the sage wisdom you've already heard and know. Good luck