Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Marital Discord in the form of Roosters

I am one of those people who 99% of the time wakes up before my alarm. On the rare occasions my alarm does go off, it is a gradual wake alarm. It starts out very quiet and slowly gets louder. As I am a light sleeper, I usually hear it in it's quiet stage and immediately turn it off and get up. Once I've been awakened, I'm up.

My husband's alarm is roosters crowing at a singular (aka LOUD) volume. He is also a snooze button user, so it's multiple versions of roosters in pre-set intervals.

Guess who gets up first in the morning?

Even though I have TWO MORE hours to sleep, every morning I am awakened at 6am, 6:15 and occasionally 6:30am by the dulcet tones of roosters. Now that we are married, I'm slowly coming to the realization that this is not just roosters anymore, this is roosters for LIFE. I actually like the roosters the first time, it's the snooze mentality I just do not understand. Isn't it better to set your alarm for the actual time you NEED to get up and sleep straight through? I'm just not a snoozer and never will be, yet I have to accept the fact that I will forever get broken sleep and have dreams from 6-8am about living on a farm.
Are you and your husband on the same page about the "snooze"?

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