Monday, December 12, 2011

Cold v. Allergies

One itchy watery eye
Stuffed up nose
sinus pressure

Sounds like allergies right? But who get allergies in December??! All the allergy meds I took did nothing, but finally found some minor relief with Advil Cold and Sinus, so now I have no idea what to call it other than "I can't breathe and I'm driving my new husband crazy"-itis. I literally JUST got over the Belize plague I had from falling in the ocean and swallowing the ocean water and now I have a col/flu/allergies? Seriously? At least this means I'll likely be healthy for Christmas.

In other Holiday-related news, I finished my shopping (got $51 worth of stuff at Target for $32 using coupons (whoo!) AND was super pleased Best Buy took the coupon I had for NJhusband's gift! I wasn't sure of their policy, but since I had it in my purse, I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask and they honored it. Total savings this weekend $21!

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