Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh Irene

When the news alerted us that an unprecedented hurricane was heading towards the NYC area, NJfiance and I did everything we could to prepare. We stocked up on water (and coffee and wine), we brought in our plants and lawn furniture, we put our cars up on blocks, we bought non-perishable food and we checked on the neighbors.

We were lucky and our immediate area suffered no damage aside from some very minor tree limbs down. Surrounding areas experienced flooding and many many trees came down.

It seemed almost immediately after the hurricane passed, people were in an uproar about how the media over hyped it and caused unnecessary preparations. Do I think the news over-inflates things? Absolutely! Do I regret taking a few hours of my weekend to prepare and having some extra food and water now around the house? Absolutely NOT. Yes the news played up certain dangers and there were times I was yelling at the TV that some of the "threats/reporting" were ridiculous, but I watched and used my brain and decided based on the FACTS, such as the radar, damage caused by similar weather events in our area and by knowing the proximity of my neighborhood to the high risk areas, etc. how to prepare our family.

I feel like a lot of people in NYC are saying "it was nothing" when they dont' realize that just because it didn't affect NYC doesn't mean it didn't affect a LOT of places nearby. Less than a mile away in Long Island and NJ had areas of major damage. NYCers need to realize that the world doesn't revolve around them, even if in this instance, the weather did.

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  1. No joke! I know of a lot of people who lost a LOT. And when are the weathermen ever 100% correct? Why should a hurricane be any different?