Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello There

Wedding plans continue! I ordered my clutch:

A great find from DSW!

Also got some cute forks on Etsy for our "cake sharing" that have our initials and wedding date.

In other news, I've gotten completely HOOKED on Pinterest lately. Follow me at:

My pinterest-ing has lead me down the road to wanting to decorate our house. When I was single and lived alone, decorating was easy "I saw it, it was in my budget, I bought it". Oh how I miss those I have to get the input of NJ fiance and take his ideas into consideration too. Thankfully we have similar styles, but it's definitely disappointing to get excited about an idea and then have it vetoed. We finally settled on getting Flor tiles for the bedroom which I think will finish it out nicely. I promise pictures when I get them installed!

Hmm..I think that's pretty much it these days. Who knew planning a wedding made for a boring blogger!

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