Sunday, June 12, 2011

REAL Couponing

I definitely don't consider myself an extreme couponer by any means, but I do use coupons and love a good bargain. I'm fairly new to couponing but I have starting making a noticeable difference in our monthly grocery/drugstore budget. I thought I'd share a recent trip I made to CVS and the savings I was able to get by combining coupons and sales.

Here are the goods I bought:

1 Pantene shampoo
1 Pantene conditioner
2 Nivea for Men face scrubs
1 Nivea for Men body wash
1 bottle of contact solution
2 bottles of Dawn dish soap
1 bottle of One a Day Vitamins

Total spent: $23.62
total saved: $28.52

a 55% savings!!

I got most of my coupons from last Sunday's paper and combined it with a $5 off any CVS purchase coupon that I found on the Deal Seeking Mom website.

I can't believe all the years I used to throw out the coupon inserts from my paper without even glancing at them!

Anyone else out there a "REAL" couponer?

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