Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Called To Do not To Done

A blog I read recently had a post on trying to "Do It All" and the feeling of failure that accompanies it. Does anyone really ever "do it all" 100% of the time? I don't think my To Do list has ever been empty. For me, I strive to have a semi-consistent "base" of things accomplished and anything above that is a combination of luck, having a helpful fiance that requires very little sleep and using the occasional caffeine overdose to the fullest.

My base is: having a meal plan for the week (along with the groceries (with coupons!) to accompany it), doing at least enough laundry so that everyone has clean undies and having the house be mostly in order (though to varying degrees). The kitchen table and counter get a daily scrub, but the rest of the house gets a good scrub when I have time. I would like to add workouts to my base and I'm working toward incorporating that in.

As long as I feel like I have a handle on my base, I'm pretty good about not beating myself up about it. In the interest of full disclosure though, if I burn a meal or ruin dinner, I've been known to have a disproportionate reaction....something inside me takes it personally if I feel like "I didn't provide".

Do I envy those who have enough time/energy/will to have a larger base than I do? Absolutely! Do I endlessly compare myself to them and tie that to my self worth. No way.

I for one like an incomplete To Do list. It means I know tomorrow will come.

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