Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Bachelor Party

NJfinace's bachelor party is this weekend. Now I could go the mushy route and say things like "It's our first weekend apart since living together" and "I hope he (or rather his FRIENDS) stay in line" but honestly, the #1 thing on my mind (after his safety of course) is:

OMG I can eat Pesto and Thai food and bathe in PEANUT BUTTER!!

NJfinace has a nut allergy so aside from a jar of my beloved  honey peanut butter I keep safely tucked away, our house is a nut free zone.  This weekend though, even the squirrels are going to be jealous.  While NJfiance is partying it up with the boys, I'm going to be in the kitchen making my FAVORITE cashew chicken,  a batch of peanut butter and jelly muffins and a vat of pesto. 

And then scrubbing the kitchen to remove all trace evidence and likely hitting the gym to work it all off.  

My first free weekend in a year and I'm going to spend it cooking and cleaning. Boy do I know how to party.

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