Monday, May 23, 2011

The Seconds Snuck Up

2 years ago for my birthday I was alone, sitting blissfully on the beaches of St. Martaan, alone with just my books and my thoughts. I had my own apartment in NYC, I scrimped and saved in order to travel the world, I had friends both near and far. I had come to a point where I was ok with where I was and was starting to accept the fact that if "this" was what life had in store with me, then I could ignore the piece of me who wanted a partner in life and instead fill the void with frequent flyer miles and passport stamps.

Then one day those sneaky seconds of time pushed me on a difference course. An email from eHarmony popped into my inbox containing a potential "match".

We met on December 8. Drinks at a nearby bar, neither of us wanting to commit to dinner on the first meeting. Drinks did in fact turn into dinner, which turned into more drinks. A goodnight kiss outside the restaurant led to date 2.....5 months later I was packing my things and moving in. 6 months after that (on our 11 month anniversary) we got engaged.

Now I am just past my birthday, 2 years after the book on the beach looking at wedding dresses, houses and falling into an entirely new, completely unplanned journey.

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  1. I love that I 'knew' you when... which reminds me...when exactly was that? Was it through RevGals?