Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tripping Down the Aisle

I was never one of those girls who wanted to get married. I longed for companionship for sure, but when I really looked at my future, I wasn't sure if wife was a role I was destined to play. I'm stubborn, hate doing anything I don't absolutely HAVE to do and I liked living alone. Not exactly the best ingredients for a successful life-long partnership. I had very little faith that anyone would ever embrace my independence and I spent years fighting against what I now know is just my inherent nature (thank you therapy). I had even less faith that someone would ever love me for it. My one biggest regret in my 20s is that I dealt with my loneliness by shutting the door on possibility. I got stuck in the "I will never" way too often. I look back now and think I was an active participant in online dating not so that I could find love, but so that I could prove to myself that there was nobody out there who would "fit" me. By the time I got the "match" notice from NJfiance I had had so many failed dates, funny stories and restraining orders (just kidding!) that I went into our date with nothing. No expectations, no hopes, no fears. And I somehow hit the love jackpot with truly one of the few good men.

Now I'm half way to the aisle. 6 months from being engaged and 6 months from the wedding. I'm still stubborn and hate doing anything I don't absolutely HAVE to do, but I've learned to embrace at least most parts of cohabitation (Tip: having my own office with tv/dvr helps), but I also appreciate being part of a true partnership and don't take it for granted. It makes me feel like the world is a little bit smaller in some ways and so much bigger in others.

Sometimes I still look at NJfiance and wonder how on earth I got him.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ring Ring

When NJfiance and I got engaged, he surprised me with a gorgeous 3 stone princess cut engagement ring. He had designed it himself and had it made by a local jeweler, so when it came time to choose our wedding bands, it was a no-brainer. Back we went to the jeweler who designed my ring.

Recently we picked up our bands and I couldn't be happier! Mine is a channel set princess cut eternity band. NJfiance's is tungsten with a white carbon fiber inlay (a nod to his car obsesssion). Here is a sneak peak:

It's starting to all feel real now!

What's This Thing All About?

I decided to start a new blog because I'm entering a new territory of life. Wife, (hopefully someday) mother, New Jersey-ian...and who knows what else may come. I'll share my love of couponing, cooking, the wedding planning woes and joys and my stories.

I wonder if I'll need my passport for this journey....

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Seconds Snuck Up

2 years ago for my birthday I was alone, sitting blissfully on the beaches of St. Martaan, alone with just my books and my thoughts. I had my own apartment in NYC, I scrimped and saved in order to travel the world, I had friends both near and far. I had come to a point where I was ok with where I was and was starting to accept the fact that if "this" was what life had in store with me, then I could ignore the piece of me who wanted a partner in life and instead fill the void with frequent flyer miles and passport stamps.

Then one day those sneaky seconds of time pushed me on a difference course. An email from eHarmony popped into my inbox containing a potential "match".

We met on December 8. Drinks at a nearby bar, neither of us wanting to commit to dinner on the first meeting. Drinks did in fact turn into dinner, which turned into more drinks. A goodnight kiss outside the restaurant led to date 2.....5 months later I was packing my things and moving in. 6 months after that (on our 11 month anniversary) we got engaged.

Now I am just past my birthday, 2 years after the book on the beach looking at wedding dresses, houses and falling into an entirely new, completely unplanned journey.