Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th Fail

We did absolutely nothing yesterday to acknowledge the 4th! Eli's first Fourth of July and we did nothing and took zero pics. Oops. We are so consumed by the home buying and prep process (plus it rained all day) that we literally just ran errands all day and then got Panera. 

At least he wore red while picking out appliances and paint colors at Lowes. 

Friday, June 27, 2014


It is still early in the season, but so far I've been able to make (nutless) pesto from our bumper crop of basil and currently simmering on the stove is the first batch of red wine tomato sauce from the tomato plants. I LOVE cooking from the garden. I feel like it's shopping for free! 

In other food news, Eli has been on solids for a few months now. He eats nearly everything. So far the only food he has refused several times is avocados. Maybe when he is old enough for guacamole he will change his tune. His favorite food is peaches, which is crazy because both NJhusband and I both hate peaches! He is having trouble transitioning to food in its real form, he likes purees only. He only has two teeth so we aren't pushing it. 

Hopefully in the new house I can learn to garden. My mother in law is the one who grows the herbs and veggies in our current house so hopefully she can give me some tips. 

Anyone else eating from their garden yet?

Thursday, June 26, 2014


8 months in as a mom and I kinda sorta maybe feel like I'm getting the hang of it. Some days. Naps are still a challenge and I fear he will never be a good sleeper, but progress is being made and I don't feel like hiding in my car quite as much as I used to. 

So its the perfect time to move then right?

We were kind of sort of looking for a bigger space, but were really thinking of moving next year. And then of course our Realtor showed us a house we both loved that was in our price range in the absolute perfect neighborhood.  So the past few weeks have been filled with inspections, appraisals, mortgage companies wanting just one more (or twenty) pieces of paper and LOTS of nail biting. We are SLOWLY inching towards being (second) homeowners (we are keeping the 3 family home we already own and renting it out). 

It's not a fixer-upper, it just needs some cosmetic updates and a few upgrades. FULLY expect this blog to become a DIY/home improvement blog in the coming months if this sale goes through. I have BIG plans for almost every room in the house. 

Part of me thinks we are crazy for doing this with a baby and a dog, and we probably are, but hopefully it will be a bit fun too. 

Fingers crossed!

Monday, June 2, 2014

My Kid Doesn't Sleep

This kid may kill me. He has never been a napper. For months he has only napped twice a day for 20 minutes on average. 

Nights used to be better, but lately the separation anxiety phase has kicked in so he no longer will sleep at ALL alone. He will ONLY sleep if I hold him and I can't sleep with him in my arms so I don't sleep. Ever.

And our babysitter quit.

People. I know this is a massively whiney post, but I'm lost. I've got zero help and a kid that does NOT sleep. My parents visited recently and even my mom was absolutely shocked at how little this kid can sleep. 

Cry it out wasn't something we felt was for us, but we tried it. 

And he NEVER STOPPED CRYING. Like...ever. 

Please send Gin. I already have the limes.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

6 Months! Solids!

This first week of solids with E has been SO fun. Seeing his reactions to new tastes has been funny. Today we had our first outright refusal of a food. In his defense he did hang in there for 6 or so bites and keep trying it, but every time he made the "OMG Mom are you trying to poison me" face. Finally he threw in the towel and refused to open his mouth. I told my husband E didn't take to yellow squash and he said "I don't blame him". I felt bad he didn't like it, he seems to LOVE eating with the spoon and was genuinely disappointed when squash was all there was. Tomorrow I'll go back to sweet potato or banana and then try something new again. We aren't pushing food at this point. I'm taking cues from him and we are just exploring tastes. Soon enough he will be eating me out of house and home so I'm in no rush!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day

Usually I am on the ball when Earth day rolls around but this year it came up out of nowhere on me. I did "celebrate" by taking part in the Babies R Us Earth Day organic babyfood maybe that counts? 

I am committed to making as much of E's food from scratch as I can, but I know there are times I just won't be able to, so I picked up a few jars to have on hand. Based on my obsessive research we are going to try out the Earth's Best Organic brand. 

So far I have been able to make all his food. Sweet potatoes were up first and after a few days I think he warmed up to them. Bananas were up next and based on our first go at it today, they were an instant hit. 

I got the Cuizinart Babyfood maker and even though it's pricey for something I'll likely only need for a few months, I am LOVING it! It steams and purees in the same bowl so I literally cut the food up, throw it in the bowl and that's it. When it's done I portion it out, throw the pieces in the dishwasher and I'm done. SO freaking easy! 

*Neither of these companies have any idea who I am. I'm just sharing my experience as a mom starting her baby on solids. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

First Easter

If the mark of a good holiday is how exhausted mama is, then I think we can consider E's first Easter a success!

Poor guy wasn't feeling 100% after his shots and doctors appointment on Friday, but he hung in there and seemed to enjoy the toys in his basket and getting to be outside a bit. We didn't make it to church since he was cranky, but he did get his first taste of solids (organic sweet potatoes) and later on I made spinach lasagna rollups and adorable brownie "nests" for the grownups. We dyed eggs, but E missed craft time due to an unplanned nap. He's still not feeling 100% today. He had a minor procedure on Friday that is still causing him discomfort. Overall though it was a good, albeit exhausting weekend!

Hope you had a happy weekend filled with family and food!